Additional rules

So these are the additional rule that we will be using in the campaign (to be added to or removed from as situations dictate).


Hero Points: As per the rules in the APG. One additional way to gain Hero Points is by succeeding is something either “badass” or “cinematic”, like a critical called shot to the eye of a prominent bad guy while he is monologuing.

Called Shots: As per the Ultimate Combat Rules. Depending on level of use, the enemy may or may not use called shots as well.

Leadership: The Leadership feat WILL be allowed, and I will be greatly shocked if nobody opts to take it.

Firearms: Basic firearms (Muskets, Blunderbuss, etc) will be considered “Martial” weapons and cost 75% less. Advanced Firearms remain Exotic Weapons at their full price however.

Vehicles: Vehicles will be allowed. They are not required, but the option is there.

Fortune Telling: Fortune telling is allowed and will in fact net the players some insight into their situation. Requires your character to have a deck of fortune telling cards (1g-50g) and ranks in Profession (Fortune Teller). Divination spells work as normal unless otherwise specified.

Sanity: Sanity and Insanity may come into play, depending on the player’s reception of the topic.

The following things are banned from play until specified otherwise:

The Summoner Class: Due to the Planar Barrier, it is impossible to summon any creatures to the world.

Summon Monster/Nature’s Ally spells: Same as above. Nature’s Ally works so long as they are “natural” creatures. No elementals, plant creatures or anything that could be considered “magical”.

Any spells that contact/transport to/pull from any plane: See above. Teleport spells (Dimensional Door for example) work as normal however.

Additional rules

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