Campaign Info

1. The world

The world will be a homebrewed world with the following attributes:
-Low Fantasy: No mythical monsters or creatures (fey, outsiders, abberations, dragons, etc).
-High/Low magic: High arcane, Low Divine (Divine casters are allowed, they’re just less prominent than arcane casters (Druids are far more common than clerics though)
-Medium technology: The overall tech level is around the Industrial period (steam and coal power being “things”)

Playable races are:
Core races
Drow (now immoral “FOR SCIENCE!” scientists)
Centaurs (in urban and tribal variants)
Orcs (The noble savage variety)

Conjuration magic is limited. Any spells that summon a creature (Summon Monster/Nature’s Ally) are not allowed
The Summoner class is banned until further notice

1A. World summery (spoiler free)

The world (thus unnamed at this time) is planarly locked via a planar barrier. That is the first major thing you should know. Access to the other planes of existence is restricted up to the Divine level so that even Gods cannot interact with the world. This barrier has been up for as long as anyone can remember and no records remain of how or why it was put up. In addition to keeping malevolent and mischievous outsiders from causing trouble, the barrier also restricts the powers of the Gods to be little more than observers at best. This restriction has caused the practice of divine magic to decrease in favor of arcane or druidic magics.

Due to the lack of planar shenanigans and the lack of, say, dragons, society and technology has been allowed to advance as per “normal”. The dwarves constantly pioneer new types of engines to run their cities, the drow in their underground cities perform amoral experiments to further the research of biology and a crude form of genetics, and gnomes blur the boundaries between what is technology and what is magic. There is however a noticeable divide between technology and magic, with whole nations being devoted to one practice or another. The northern reaches of the world, which become saturated with magical radiation the closer one gets to the northern pole, is dominated by more magic-leaning nations for example.

2. Plot summery (spoiler free)
The planar barrier that shields the world from the unspeakable terrors of the “outside” has stood for longer than anyone can remember. Without it, your world would not be where it is now. But strange things are beginning to happen around the world. Talk of the dead rising and devouring people, only for the freshly dead to rise and attack others. Of nightmares walking the streets of cities, leaving twisted, mutilated corpses in their wake and driving people insane. Of the lines of reality beginning to blur and people claiming to have seen creatures that should by all rights not exist. And at the center of it all, a mysterious robed figure in desert garb. Nobody knows what his agenda is, but most that have seen his work can agree, it’s not good.

3. Player stuff.

Ideally, the campaign will run from levels 1 to 20, so plan accordingly. The character creation will be a regular 20-point buy with two traits allowed, though keep in mind that if taking the Adopted trait, you ARE restricted to the races mentioned above. Again, the Summoner class is banned, as per the above fluff. You WILL be allowed to take the Leadership feat, and we may use some alternate rules, depending on how initial tests go (mostly Hero Points and called shots). I confess that I don’t have a lot of the world planned out as of yet (some key locations but not every city and country) so feel free to come up with your own hometowns and such. I will however need a brief backstory for your characters (paragraph length backstory detailing mostly family and the character’s relation to said family, hometown, any prior professions before their current one, etc). I do like doing character development stuff, so those that opt out of the backstory won’t get specific character development questy stuff.

Oh and don’t worry about the “how do bloodlines work” kinda thing. They just do. It’s magic.

Campaign Info

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